Self Storage Unit Size Guide

Choose the right size Storage Unit for your personal storage needs.

5 x 5
Size of a regular closet
10 x 5
Size of a walk-in closet
10 x 10
Equivalent to half of a one-car garage
10 x 15
A little smaller than a standard one-car garage
10 x 20
Same size as a standard one-car garage
10 x 30
Size of a 1½ car garage

5 x 5

A 5x5 storage unit is the size of a small closet

It fits furnishings of a small bedroom, including a small mattress set, a dresser, a TV, and several small to medium-sized boxes.  It is also perfect for document storage and seasonal decorations.  Sporting equipment such as snowboards, waterskis, wakeboards, fishing gear are other great uses for this unit.

Group your boxes by sturdiness or weight, placing heavier and sturdier boxes on the bottom, and more fragile items on top.  You can maximize space by using a portable shelving system, or stacking boxes on sturdy furniture.

To get a great visualization of the storage space, visit your potential storage unit today in person; we are happy to provide a tour. 

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