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A Complete Packing List for Vacation

A Complete Packing List for Vacation

If you’ve spent any time traveling, you know what an inconvenience it can be when your suitcase isn’t packed properly. Sometimes it means one less pair of pants, but sometimes it can mean a forgotten wallet or passport. If you don’t want to get to your destination and notice things missing, try our packing for vacation tips below!

13 Packing for Vacation Tips

  1. Think about trip length, weather and activities.

The length of your trip will often help you decide what type of bag to pack and how much needs to go in it. The weather and activities will tell you which outfits to pack.

  1. Create a packing list.

A vacation checklist or packing list can keep you organized and help you visualize everything you need to bring. Keep it on your phone or pack a hard copy so you can double check your belongings before you head home!

  1. Think about what type of trip you’re taking.

Some trips will require specific items. Hiking trips mean packing hiking gear. A cruise often means seasickness patches, formalwear and bathing suits. A trip to the beach may include snorkels as well as sunscreen and a beach umbrella.

  1. Pack neutral clothing you can layer.

Packing for vacation often means colorful, exciting clothing – especially if you’re traveling to somewhere tropical. But if you’re worried about saving space in your bag, neutral clothing gives you the ability to reuse pieces for different outfits.

  1. Invest in some double-duty clothing.

Clothing such as self-cooling and self-heating fabric, wrinkle-resistant pants and shirts, quick-drying athletic wear and casual sneakers all have the ability to pull double-duty. If you need to reduce the number of items in your luggage, opt for as many of these pieces as possible.

  1. The best way to pack a suitcase is with packing cubes.

A packing cube helps you to organize everything in your suitcase. You can organize items by days, by type or even by use. Some packing cube sets even come with small bags for toiletries or dirty clothing.

  1. Do you have a layover? Try to avoid checking a bag.

Layovers increase the chance of your checked bag going missing, especially if you have multiple bags or layovers. Of course, if you’re not checking a bag, you’ll need to make sure everything fits into a backpack or carry-on.

  1. Pack a travel laundry kit.

If you’re planning on spending more than 3-5 nights away, a travel laundry kit can help you reduce how much clothing you need to pack. Now you can pack just a handful of outfits and wash them for reuse!

  1. If you’re flying with medication, learn about the travel rules.

When you’re packing a suitcase with medication, it may seem straight forward. But flying often comes with its own set of rules. Learn about traveling with medication before your trip.

  1. If you’re traveling internationally, pack electronic adapters.

The US uses different electronic outlets than many other parts of the world. When packing luggage for Europe, don’t forget to include EU adaptors so you won’t have to worry about a dead phone battery.

  1. Travel with copies.

Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen. When you’re packing a suitcase, pack a copy of your passport, credit card, bank contact, medication list and emergency contacts.

  1. Keep the important things in your carry-on.

There’s always the chance that your checked bag will get lost for a while. Keep your wallet with your ID, keys, camera, phone, medications, laptop, glasses and itinerary with you in your purse and carry-on.

  1. Long trip? Bring some entertainment.

It’s no fun being stuck in a car or on a flight with nothing to do for hours. Remember to pack a travel pillow, headphones, handheld game and a book or magazine.

Utilize a Storage Unit with Self Storage of Vacaville

If you’re planning on being away for a long time, you may feel more comfortable storing some of your belongings in a self storage unit. Self Storage of Vacaville can help you with both your temporary and long-term storage. Our temperature-controlled units provide a comfortable space for you when you visit as well as keeping temperature fluctuations away from your belongings. Computerized gate access and 24-hour security cameras offer an added layer to your peace of mind. Use our size guide to help you find your perfect storage unit if you’re unsure of the space you need.

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