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Good Hygiene Practices for Kids

Good Hygiene Practices for Kids

It’s never too early to start teaching your kids about good hygiene habits. And the best place to start is with routine. If you want to know how to teach kids about hygiene, this is a good place to start. Learn how to teach kids about hygiene below.

4 Types of Personal Hygiene for Kids


Handwashing routines can begin as early as infancy. Wiping their hands with a washcloth after feeding and changing will grow into regular handwashing after meals and using the bathroom. You can also work with them on washing their hands: 

  • When they look/feel dirty.
  • If they spend time around someone ill.
  • After spending time outside.
  • After touching pets or other animals.
  • After coughing or sneezing into their hands.

One of the most common ways to practice hand washing is to sing the ABCs while washing, but any 20-second song that they like will do.

Nail hygiene

Nails can be a hotbed for bacteria and germs, especially if your child spends a lot of time outside. Once your child is old enough, they can take care of their own nails. To make it enjoyable, find a fun nail brush and nail clippers in the shape of animals or with a superhero logo. Then pick a day of the week after bath time to set aside for nail care and stick to the routine.

Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene starts from the moment your child is born – brushing their gums with a rubber finger brush or washcloth and then graduating to their own toothbrush. Until they’re about seven years old, you should still supervise while they brush.

To make sure they’re brushing long enough, play their favorite 2-minute song. When the song is over, they’re done.

Skin and hair

Once your child reaches age 5 or so, they should be able to start bathing themselves. While you’re supervising baths, it’s important to take the time to teach them how to thoroughly clean themselves. You can also show them what to do when they get soap in their eyes. If it happens often, opt for using a visor or goggles in their favorite color. 

Storing Children’s Belongings with Self Storage of Vacaville

Before you know it, your children will grow up and no longer need your help with hygiene practices. When that happens, it’ll be time to put away the small nail clippers, the tub toys and the bath goggles. These items can be stored alongside clothes, shoes and other items they have outgrown.  If you want to hold on to them as a memory or for future children, you’ll need a place to store them. Store them with Self Storage of Vacaville — we serve Vacaville, Elmria, Bucktown, Binghamton, and all of the surrounding areas.

With units starting at 5x5, we have options small enough for a few items and large enough for the furnishings of your whole home. And you can feel at ease knowing that your children’s memories are behind security gates, closed-circuit camera surveillance, and an individually alarmed unit.

Choose Self Storage of Vacaville for storing outgrown hygiene items, clothes and more!