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Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Tips

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Tips

Once the holiday season is over, it’s time to put away your Christmas tree and holiday décor for the year. While an artificial Christmas tree is a convenient alternative to a live tree, it can also be very pricey. In order to keep your Christmas tree in the best condition for next year, it is essential that it is stored correctly. Follow these quick tips for Christmas tree storage:

  1. Remove the tree skirt
  2. Undecorate the Christmas tree
  3. Remove the tree lights
  4. Check pre-lit lights
  5. Bend the branches back together
  6. Use a Christmas tree storage bag

Read below for an explanation of each tip:

Christmas Tree Storage Tips

  1. Remove the tree skirt: First, remove the tree skirt from the bottom of the Christmas tree. The tree skirt can then be folded up and stored with the decorations.
  2. Undecorate the Christmas tree: Next, walk around the Christmas and remove any ornaments, tinsel and garland on the tree. Place these decorations carefully into storage bins to be used next year.
  3. Remove the tree lights: If the tree comes pre-lit, you can ignore this step. If not, walk around the Christmas tree unwinding the lights as you go. When unwinding the tree lights, if you notice a light is burnt out, replace it with a spare bulb. The lights can then be wrapped around old wrapping paper tubes to keep from tangling during storage.
  4. Check pre-lit lights: If your tree comes pre-lit, it is important to check the tree for any bulbs that are burned out before putting it into storage. When checking the tree, start with the lights closest to the bottom of the tree and follow the strands up the tree. If you notice lights that are burned out, replace the bulbs with a spare bulb.
  5. Bend the branches back together: Next, go through and bend the Christmas tree branches back together. This will make your Christmas tree much smaller and easier to store. When bending the branches back, be careful of the bulbs and light strands to not damage the tree.
  6. Use a Christmas tree storage bag: To protect your Christmas tree from damage, store it in a tree storage bag or bin. A Christmas tree storage bag or bin will help to protect your tree from damaged caused by dust, dirt and vermin.

How to Store a Christmas Tree with Ornaments on It

If you will be storing a Christmas tree with ornaments on it, purchase a tree storage option that will simply zip around your tree. If you have the storage space, this can be a great time saver. It is important to keep in mind that when using this method, there is a greater chance of ornaments getting broken or damaged.

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